>Dammit dammit dammit.
    Bloody Dicaprio’s done it again! I know I said I hated him and that bloody face of his, but his movies are just so GOOD lately!
    First was Shutter Island, which should have been call Shitter Island because it made me fill my pants. And now Inception, which may be the cleverest, most well acted and best shot of the year thus far. So I say again…DAMN IT!

I’d like to see GoogleMaps sort that one out.

    The premise is that Dicaprio is the leader of a team that creeps into people’s dreams and steals secrets for the highest bidder; a nightmare mercenary, if you will. Somebody thinks he killed his wife, and he can never return home to his children. So, when he’s offered a job that will pay him with a clean record and a plane home, he jumps at the chance. And the movie starts in earnest. But don’t worry, I’m oversimplifying for the sake of sanity.
    There’s so much characterisation and plot packed into a tight space, if you’re not enthralled in the first fifteen minutes, then you’re dead. The direction is fantastic with the special effects never being intrusive or over the top (feel free to bow down to the eminent Mr. Nolan who seems unable to do any wrong).
    You will get a sore bum, however, with the film running closer to three hours than two. But I’ll say it again, everything is necessary. Any shorter and you’d be missing out.

A gun in my pocket? I don’t have…Oh!

    The acting is fantastic (damn you Dicaprio) with the unbelievable premise never seeming outlandish or fanciful. The cast is simply the best I’ve seen in ages. It’s nice to see a comeback to good movies for Joseph Gordon-Levitt who plays Dicaprio’s partner with subtlety. And even Ellen Page takes a step away from her teen-flick roots with good results while Marion Cotillard adds weight. Despite the complex theories of the plot, the rules are firm set and never broken. And it’s never too much for you to keep track of.
    I don’t want to go on any more really, because adding detail will introduce spoilers and ruin the movie. But suffice to say the intrigue is inched up and up from the title screen onwards and you’ll be hooked. Go and watch it. I promise you wont regret it. Finally we have an intelligent film that doesn’t spoon feed the audience or assume we’re idiots. And by the exceptional end scene, you’ll be screaming “Damn it” almost as loud as me.

“The Italian job, but in your head”


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