>It begins again.

>Once more, I’m throwing up a few posts in a day. Mostly because I keep thinking “you never know, someone might read it”, a little bit because I think of post ideas and then forget to actually post. But this one is on a more postitive note. With the gaping hole left now that Greaveburn finished, I needed some filling (Who just chuckled? Get out of my classroom!) and so I’ve started another novel.

This wasn’t planned (like my mum probably told my dad :oD) but it’s turned out alright. It should have been a short story, althoguh I had no idea what it was going to be about or how long it was going to be. But it’s becoming more and more novel-shaped as I go on.

It’s a completely different beast to Greavburn. It is fiction, but with none of the speculation involved. I know, I’m a sell-out. But it’s not too factual. It’s basically a story of everythign I wish could have happened to me while I was in 6th Form. Or at least what I’d liked to have happened over the course of the summer holidays when I was 17. I know, the premise sounds utter tosh, but I swear it reads ok.

Let’s hope it keeps going. I’ll keep you posted! (apologies for the unintended pun)


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