>Magazine Issues

>Anyone noticed how there’s a serious lack of solid, print magazines that take short story submissions? I use Duotrope’s Digest to keep a handle on my submissions and it’s invaluable for finding markets to submit to in the first place. The problem? There are so many half-assed magazinees that you could submit to and your work would just disappear due to the short runs some of these markets have. It’s a minefield!

Maybe I’m just being picky. I admit I only submit to UK based magazines (my pacifist idea of patriotism) and I like them to be in print, mostly because I wouldn’t know a really solid web-market if it bit me (turning me into a cyber-lycanthrope). But even when I force myself to think “Hey, you’re not that good anyway, and beggars cant be choosers”, there still aren’t many mags that aren’t published by twelve year old ‘editors’ with their dad’s printer and an iPhone. (Insert gutteral sounds of frustation here)

There are some awesome ones too, of course. I’ve had the esteemed pleasure of being accepted to Murky Depths which is still one of the finest speculative fiction markets out there (I think its won awards at some point), and New Horizons is obviously awesome even though its print run is limited to members.

With those two gems in mind, I think I’ll return to patrolling Duotrope and hope to drop on an awesome magazine with low standards. Wish me luck!


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