>Scott Pilgrim vs. the World


Shaun of the Dead director, Edgar Wright: Check!
…directs movie based on a graphic novel: Check!
…which involves cool special effects: Check!
…based on retro video games: Check!
…and anime: Check!
…with Michael Cera as the hero: Oh well, nothing’s perfect.
    Scott Pilgrim vs. The World has the makings of a classic, if only a geek’s classic. Anyone who isn’t into videogames, or the internet, or Japanese animation will be pretty lost among the jokes and visuals of this movie, although you could just enjoy it on that other, shallower level if you really want to.
    Basically, Scott (Michael Cera, grrrrr) falls in love with a girl, elusive for her attractiveness, coolness and utter lack of reasons to be attracted to him. With the assistance of his gay roommate, Wallace (Kieran Culkin) and his band, Sex Bob-omb (note the silence from the non-geeks) Scott sets out to win the girl’s heart, and does, rather quickly. But that leaves time for him to battle her seven evil ex-boyfriends for the sake of her love. And they come thick and fast once the action starts. 
    (Insert innuendo about being hammered by Ms. Winstead)
To say this story basically revolves around seven fights, it doesn’t get boring much. There are moments when you’d happily punch Cera in the face, of course. Moments when his whiney insistence that he’s traversed puberty and come through the other side make you want to set fire to his sneakers. Moments when you remember Juno and how you mistakenly thought he was acting and not just playing himself. But you come through it on the back of the other actors. Culkin in particular plays a brilliant part and Mary Elizabeth Winstead as the femme-in-question, Ramona Flowers, also works her ass off and comes out great. Actually, everyone is pretty good. Yes, even floppy string-puppet Cera has his moments.

“No, I don’t really know Bono…”

    The villains are excellent. Each one is different from the last and far from what could be easy stereotypes. Chris Evans and Brandon Routh pretty much ham themselves up throughout with tongues wedged in respective cheeks. Routh’s vegan superhero is a particular favourite. The fact that he’s arrested by Thomas Jane (of multitudinous B-Movie pseudo-fame) had me pointing at the screen, and giggling.
    The style of the movie is, without question, incredible. Edgar Wright puts in his standard enthusiasm and vision into making the videogame references etc. gel rather than jar. And even better, he doesn’t use it as a gimmick. The visuals are a prime ingredient to the entire story. For anyone who has read a graphic novel, this is the movie that other comic book movies have tried to look like (with the exception of Sin City which is still better). Even the music of Sex Bob-omb works well with the hectic pace of the fight scenes.
    Basically, although it’s got Cera, and it kind of drags in parts, and the fact that you’re certain there could have been more at the end, it’s quite good. Well worth watching once, even if you don’t add it to your DVD collection. Which I probably will.

“New game: Which Ramona Flowers hair colour would you snog, shag and marry?”


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