>Acceptance Alert

>I’m stopping numbering these now. I realise how big-headed it seemed. But in my defense, when I started doing them, I never expected there to be this many so close together. When the inevitable acceptance silence ensues next week (and continues for the next 9 months, undoubtedly) it would have looked better.

Anyway, the folks over at Morpheus Tales have been good to me this week!

I’ve just recieved issue #10, complete with a personal offering Awake, my first attempt at first person narrative. It looks nice nestled in between all those other stories, although overshadowed due to its shortness. I really should try to submit longer stories in the future. Anyway, here’s another awesome issue cover to peruse (The Morpheus Tales guys really have a great eye for cover images):

But even more than that! The MT gang have accepted some of my movie reviews for their online review supplement which anyone can download absolutely free (so you have no excuse! hahaha). I’m looking forward to that one! And if you want a few more, there’s always the Geekest Link where I blather on about how bad Avatar was and pretty much slate Clash of the Titans too.

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “>Acceptance Alert

  1. >Thanks Kara.I've not got much to blog on about really. Just the usual mix of rejection slips and writer-esque frustrations hahahaIt's more a way of keeping myself sane! (might be a bit late though :oD)

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