>Edits: Writer’s Bane

>Hi guys,

Had my first brush with an editor who actually edits today. It seems like a blessing and a curse combined. The story in question is Mandy in the Jar-O. There were only a couple of things that needed changing, one involving bubbles (don’t ask), the other involving clarity. It was the second one that was really useful.

You never really know if someone else will understand what you’re describing until you get a completely impartial reader. And that’s what I had here. A fundamental part of the story was either under-described or not clear enough, and that changed the Editor’s entire view of the latter part of the story. Thank god, really, that he asked me to change it. The whole point would have been lost to anyone that read it afterward!

But, with things changed, I’m hoping it reads much better now. And although I’d already edited it several times myself, I still found a few little bits I wanted to change myself. So, maybe more of a blessing than a curse, really.

Anyway, you’ll be able to read this particular story online on the Roar and Thunder website soon!

Thanks for reading!


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