>The old chinese curse…

>”May you live in interesting times.”

It certainly seems to be representative of the modern age doesn’t it? Stick with me guys, I’m going somewhere with this (I hope). At first glance, this curse doesn’t seem like one. But living in interesting times often means you’re the one having interesting things happen to you. And what’s more interesting than conflict, right?

When I have my writer’s hat on, I’m always on the lookout for stories, tales, and day-to-day occurrences that will lead me to my next story. Unfortunately, when I’m not looking for them, they find me. Saturday night, after meeting some great people in my new Uni group (and going out for the customary drinking session afterward), I decided to walk home. Now, I’ve done this a hundred times or more since the (il)legal age I started drinking. The same route, same time of night. Never had a problem. Until Saturday when an idiot in a Frankenstein mask (oh the cliche!) jumped out of the bushes in an attempted mugging.
Now, for the sake of my pride, I’d like to mention that this utter fool got away with nothing. I’d also like to say that I escaped unscathed, but this latter statement is unfortunately untrue. Still, only a few scrapes and I hope this would-be mugger’s embarrassment at being incapable of getting anything out of someone like me (essentially useless at fighting) makes his gut wrench.
But now I can safely say that any future character of mine who succumbs to a would-be mugger will be utterly well-rounded and believable. See? Silver lining to every cloud.

But on the flip side: I’d rather not live in interesting times, thank you very much.


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