>Paranormal Activity 2

>I don’t want to give you any spoilers so this review will be brief.

I have many mottos. One of them is “the sequel is never as good”. I’m aware of only two films that defy this rule: Terminator 2 and Aliens. As it turns out, I now have a third. PA2 is actually a sequel and a prequel as the film covers the time before and after the original film. But this film manages what most sequels don’t, it both explains and manages to add depth to the first film. Saw did this pretty well with its first sequel (and then crushed it with a slew of pathetic follow-ups), but PA2 does it better.
    There’s little different visually from the first film, but you don’t ever get a feeling that you’re covering old ground. Rules set in the first film are adhered to here, and the order in which the eponymous activities occur is pretty much the same. Still, that manages to enhance your fear, if anything. You know how this Demon works, you know what it wants, and you’re just waiting for it to happen.

Paranormal Activity 3: Midnight Munchies

The invisible Demon itself seems more insidious in this movie, and more clear in its desires. The dog and baby (which you’ll have seen in the trailers so I don’t mind mentioning them) catch the brunt of it, and are a good addition, adding creepiness rather than feeling like needless enhancements.     Special effects are executed extremely well to the point where I’m still trying to figure out how they did some of it. If it’s CGI, it’s subtly done.
    As with the first movie, acting is very good. You don’t get as annoyed with anyone as you did with Micah. They’ve chosen unknown actors/actresses and gone for substance over looks which is always a good thing. And there’s believability from every character (of which there are a few more this time around).
    I really can’t talk to much about content without ruining it for you, but I will say this: your seat is going to take a pounding throughout this film. You’ll grab the armrests, you’ll jump up out of it, you’ll slither down until you have a hump. In fact, just call the upholster beforehand, because when you’re done biting on your cushion, you’ll need him.

Rating: 7/10
“What horror films should be like.”


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