>Artsy-Fartsy (and The Cat Piano)

>I’m not a fan…normally. I hate contrived, snotty intellectuals who bash on about their poetry like its influence made the world not end on 2000. But, now and again, I read something Artsy that makes me think:

“Hey, that’s not half bad.”

What I’m getting at, is the first issue of Kerouac’s Dog. I got it in the post yesterday and it’s fair to say I’m impressed. It’s crammed with black-and-white art photography that probably has meanings I dont understand about Afghanistan and the modern way of life, but it’s not so oppressive that it stops you reading the stories and poems in between. And man, is there plenty to read for the short story and poem addicts among us.

The basic premise of Kerouac’s Dog is to get back to the Beatnik generation. That can’t be a bad thing, when you get down to it. Anyone who’s read On the Road by Mr. Kerouac himself has to agree there’s something special about the potential inherent in not knowing what to do with your life. At least, there is for me.
Anyway, enough rattling on. Give it a read. What’s the worst that can happen? (copyright, Dr Pepper ;oD)

And for those of you who don’t fancy a read, here’s something else…

The Cat Piano is a short but brilliant animation set to a poem. The poet is Eddie White, animated by The People’s Republic of Animation. I believe they’re an australian outfit, but dont quote me on that. But The Cat Piano has won a score of prizes, and deservedly so!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched this. Give it a look and I swear you’ll find something you like about it.

Thanks for reading.


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