>My story in Kerouac’s Dog Magazine

>It looks like Issue 2 of Kerouac’s dog is ready for being released into the world. If you likeJack Kerouac’s style in On the Road, you might just like this too. It’s a bit artsy, but if that”s your thing, then you’re in for an enjoyable read.
Of course, I’m not being selfless in plugging the mag. Nestled between it’s Beat-laden pages is Travelling Light, the story of a man who throws everything away for a life of homelessness and wandering.
Apparently issues of this magazine are in high demand, or something, and it’s double he size of the last issue which was pretty packed already. If you fancy a read you can find it here:

Kerouac’s Dog

And if you do read it, let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading.


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