>New year…and a host of resolutions.

>Happy New Year Everyone!

Resolutions, eh? Dear god, where do I start?

1. Proof-read Greaveburn and send out to 5 agents before February.

2. Research my next novel (the idea is planted firm in my head now) until the end of February and then start writing.

3. Finish the new novel by year’s end, if only in first draft.

4. Try not to sweat about resolutions 1-3.

Of course, I’ll be working on short stories and submitting them all year, continuing my Open University course and working on other projects. But the resolutions are the biggies.

Here’s hoping this year is a lucky one, and some agent with poor eye-sight and a destructively impulsive nature takes pity on Greavburn, eh?

Here’s wishing good luck to all those other writers out there, friends and colleagues who are striving for literary recognition.

Thanks for reading.


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