>Resolution #1: Complete!

>Oh yes, I said I’d do it, and I have. Greaveburn is winging its way to agents as we speak. I think I’ve had to change my shorts at least three times while preparing it, and the synopsis was a murder to write, but it’s done. For better or worse.

My fingers shall remain crossed until I get my first reply, and then I’ll release them if only because my hands will cease up.

In other news…

I’ve had an email saying that I’ve been shortlisted from Necrotic Tissue’s slush pile. Let’s just hope I can take it a little further, eh?

So, plenty of luck-wishing, if you please. I’ll need everything I can get!

Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “>Resolution #1: Complete!

  1. >Cheers, Autumn, it's much appreciated. I didnt think anyone read this thing! hahahaConsequently, got my first agent reply today. It was a no-go, of course. So keep those toes crossed!Thanks for reading.

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