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>Hi guys.

I’ve just been over reading Aaron Polson’s blog and it’s struck a vital chord. The question of e-publishing versus retro publishing. Kindle is everywhere at the minute. Hell, I have it on my phone. So why not exploit it for my own ends?

Then there comes the other argument that says I’m helping with the downfall of hardcopy literature, something that would be akin to extinction of super-tasty cows and sheep in my opinion. Will my little raindrop add to the torrent? Of course it will. So am I an impatient sell-out? Probably, yes.

The thing is, I have three novels sat in my harddrive. Greaveburn, is pestering agents as we speak. But what of the other two? I always say that Beyond Tor and Haven will never see the light of day. They come from a time before I’d honed myself to the degree I have now. And I’m still far from perfect, so you can imagaine how bad they are. But, god bless them, I love those novels. I can’t help thinking that with a little tweaking, updating, a few minor changes, they could be ready for human consumption. And if not through the regular channels, why not epublishing?

If I ever get an agent (emphasis on IF), will I feel like an idiot for letting these books go to an electronic source? Or am I raising awareness of my work, capitalising on a new market?

I’m afraid I just dont know. We’ll have to see what tomorrow brings…

Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “>A bit of everything

  1. >I hope – and pray – that we never lose our in print media. I loathe Kindle from the very bottom of my soul. E-media is hideous, it's soulless and, OK, so it's good for the environment (so they say, but what does it cost the earth in terms of a Kindle), but there'll never be anything quite like reading a good book.In paper.My last comment is the whole 'there's so much shit out there' in the world of e-publishing. It's a world where anyone can publish anything, and chances are, if it's filled with errors and is generally just not very good…

  2. >I have to say, Stu, I disagree. While there's a lot of 'fluff' out there, and I think we both agree that 'fan fiction' is the devil's plan to undermine literature (with or without a capital 'L'), there's nothing wrong with e-publishing as a rule. I too enjoy the feel of a solid book more than a Kindle or other device, but the ability for anyone to publish their work can only enhance the amount of material on the market than detract from it. In an industry where 'popular fiction' overules 'speculative', there are a lot of good writers out there who simply can't get published because of popular trends. The readers of speculative fiction alone now have a new place to find material to feed their appetites. And stories that are too exprerimental for regular publishing are now getting chance to be read.I'm still waiting for a downside, to be honest.

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