>One more thing…

>Morpheus Tales contacted me yesterday asking if I had any movie reviews for their online supplement. Call me a hopeless optimist if you like, but that seems like a turning point to me! No longer am I chasing that elusive movie review acceptance. Someone finally came to me!

I know, I know, it’s a small victory and I’m reading far too much into it. But us amateur literary types dont get wins very often, so just let me ride this one a little, ok?

Anyway, as always the Morpheus tales online suppliment can be found on their website and somewhere in there will be my reviews for Season of the Witch and Black Swan. Take a look. It’s recession-friendly by being utterly free! And since I love you all, the direct link is in my ‘Linkage’ box on the right.

Thanks for reading


2 thoughts on “>One more thing…

  1. >Thanks Aaron. Sorry for blatently quoting your post. I think it's one that tugs at a lot of modern pseudo-writers like myself. You've inspired me to go back and look at those two old novels again. Here's hoping for some rewriting progress!

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