>Send in the rejections

>Hi readers.

I have finally recieved two email rejections from prospective Agents. I also got one through the post. Strangely enough, the latter I got quite excited about opening. Email really does take away the fun of opening a package, doesn’t it? (I think that last sentence makes me officially old :oD)

Anyway, snail mail or electronic, they were rejections none-the-less. The thing I’m unsure about is why I’m not really bummed by it. Sending Greaveburn out to Agents is the biggest (bravest? stupidest?) thing I’ve ever done. Surely there should be some fear involved in this process. I think I’m just getting to be ok with the rejections. C’est la vie. Just another hurdle, right? Someone, somewhere, doesn’t necessarily have to accept my novel and take it to Rowling-esque heights, but I’m sure there will come a time when Agents stop vomiting at the sight of my synopsis. I just have to wait them out…

…oh, hurry up already!

Thanks for reading.


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