>Creative spurt!

>I don’t have them very often, but when they come, by the Gods they’re great.

The first part of the Alan Shaw Adventures  is done and dusted and part two is on its way (check out the Books page for more). Three short stories are on their way out into the world, including such weirdness as parasites, necrophilia and a story about a coma patient that’s been in my head for an awfully long time. Then there’s another story which I think will end up as a novella. I’d given up on that one for a while. Although the ideas are all in my head, the style just wouldn’t flow. But now, by jove, I’m three chapters in and I’m really starting to enjoy it.

I thank the Not Before Bed ebook for all this. Concentrating on my Uni course since last year, I’ve barely had time to write anything for my own amusement. But now it’s drawing to a close (until October, at least) and I just can’t type fast enough to get all these ideas down. The ebook has reminded me how exhilarating it can be to know people are reading my stuff and I’m determined to get more out there as soon as possible.

Watch out Slush Piles of the world. You’re about to get hit with some Hallam-sized Spec-Fic!

Thanks for reading.


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