>Alan Shaw update!

>Just finished the second story in the Alan Shaw Adventures. And I’m aware I don’t bash on about my WIPs enough so here I am, bashing away.

The premise is a collection of short stories that chronicle the life of the eponymous hero. He starts out as a street urchin in Victorian London and we see the dawning of the Steampunk Era with the birth of the Automatons. As we watch Alan grow up and travel the world in his adventures, we also get to witness the progression of the Steampunk age.
Each story will have a B-Movie/Adventure novel style title with Alan Shaw and the Fate of the Automatons and Alan Shaw and the Clockwork Tentacle already finished. There are Brass Monkeys, the Case of the Jade Vase (Subject to change) and the Wolves of London still to come among others.

So that’s the idea.

Hope it sounds good. I’m trying for a completely different style to my last novel which was very dark and gothic. Alan Shaw is shaping up as more of a swashbuckling fantastical adventure.

Anyway, thought you guys should know what I’m up to.

Thanks for reading.


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