>Working Hard

>I got up early this morning and straight to work. No messing around. No procrastinating or sitting and thinking too much. Writing as if the very whips of my masters were behind me! (LotR reference for the true believers among you). And it’s gone well. 800 words down on Emi and 2000 on Alan Shaw. That’s not a bad morning’s work! The latter is definately shaping up to be by favourite project at the moment. I’m really in love with the developments of the protagonist’s flaws as he grows up. Let’s hope it keeps going well. Emi is still enjoyable to write but in a very different way. It’s more bleak, to the point and utterly more wierd. Not necessarily a bad thing!

In other news, I’ve had my first review for Not Before Bed. God bless Twitter! The lovely lady from New York (so far from humble Doncaster) had this to say about the ebook:

OMG – From the first word I was hooked. Quite a semblance of “tales from the darksidesque” stories to definitely not read before bedtime. Each story stands on its own. Very well written and delivered. I feel I should be paying for this collection. I would definitely read more from this author. Great job.

Now THAT’S a good review! I couldn’t have asked for better.

I’ve joined Goodreads on the tip of a friend in the PR biz. And what a good idea it was, too. I’ve been pimping the e-book like there’s no tomorrow and I’ll hopefully see some results back from that real soon.

For anyone who hasn;t fallena sleep through this post yet, I’ve rejigged the blog’s extra pages, focussing on the Books tab mostly and there’s a shiny new W.I.P. tab for anyone who’s interested. Also, have you seen that cool new slideshow up there? Nice huh? You never know, by the time people are jacking their brains into the internet and surfing in their heads, I might have caught up with technology as it is today. Here’s hoping!

Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “>Working Hard

  1. >Go you. We really do need to keep our butts in our seats and write, write, write, but some days the internet is so sparkly ;)I love Goodreads, but I end up adding even more books to my to buy pile.

  2. >Well done you. You have been working hard. I love it when I have enough time to just focus on my writing. I have just started reading Not Before Bed, I will def let you know what I think, as must you with Calling 666!

  3. >Cate – Today, i had to leave the internet unconnected and just write. Too many distractions and cool stuff to look at. And Goodreads is grwat, as you say but my reading pile has grown exponentialy since i set up on there. Just read Pinstripe by the way, and dropped a review. Great work!Akasha – oh, I'm downloading it right now, in fact. Look forward to hearing what you think!

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