>This week in writing…

>Well, it’s been one of those weeks. A little bitty to be honest. Not much work has been done on the novels; only a few thousand words between them. Still, I have managed to finish a couple of short stories. One involves a necrophiliac who gets more than he bargains for when his latest love wakes up. The second involves some kind of pod thingies that I don’t rightly understand myself. But hey, they read ok to me!

Goodreads has been…urm…good to me. I’ve met some nice people on there and instigated some chit chat. The Twitter followers are slowly (slooooowly) growing. Unfortunately three of those have been blatant advert-mongers. I’ve seen more adverts for a certain sci-fi novel on my feed than I have of my own work this week. How annoying. If I wanted to read the book or any of its sequels in the first place, I definitely don’t anymore. Or maybe I’m going about it in the wrong way, using my feed to try and be interesting with a few suggestions added in rather than blasting the words Not Before Bed out at every opportunity. I’m afraid I’m no great intellect when it comes to advertising. Maybe I need help.

The downloads of Not Before Bed have crept up. We’re now tickling the underbelly of 300 and waiting for the final surge. If surge is the right word. I’m not downheartened. The book isn’t on Amazon or Apple yet so there’s still a chance for some more downloads when the time comes. Basically this is my own fault since I forgot to register for an ISBN and Smashwords can’t distribute it without one. What a dunce, eh? But all is fixed now. It’s simply a matter of waiting.

Thanks for reading!


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