>Happy Birthday to Not Before Bed!

>Oh, how the little mite has grown. Since the whim that first made me compile my short stories into Not Before Bed, I’ve never regretted it. In only a month, the little blighter has finally hit 300 downloads. That’s approximately 299 more downloads than I expected, the single one being dependent on if my Mum could figure out how to work Smashwords *sigh*.

So, without much further ado, I welcome all of you to the birthday celebrations for Not Before Bed! There is punch and cake if you dont mind licking the screen…

And look! A candle for every download. This is probably a fire hazard, you guys might want to step back.

In further news…after much personal dilemma, I’ve decided to price Not Before Bed. I figure 300 people have downloaded their copies for free and that’s pretty good. It’s $1.99 (in dollars, you’ll notice) which will hopefully generate some funds when it goes live on Amazon in the near future. Basically, the uni course I’m doing isn’t going to pay for itself and, since I’m taking two courses from October, the fees just doubled. Since I’m studying English Literature and Creative Writing, money generated from my writing seems like a poetic way of funding future learning. Let’s hope others agree. But, as always, there’s a loop hole. For any of my regular readers and supporters, I’ve generated a coupon code. Just drop me an email (craighallam@live.com) and you can still get it for free.

Thanks for reading (and holding the extinguisher).


2 thoughts on “>Happy Birthday to Not Before Bed!

  1. >Thanks Aaron. Of course, I'm expecting the downloads to drop dramatically now it isn't free, but you never know, eh? I just need to get people aware that I exist, really. We shall see…

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