>What have I been reading?

>The question is, what haven’t I been reading? Aside from Candide and a few other dry-as-bones works for my uni course, I’ve been reading some good stuff too. To support my fellow Indie Authors, they’ve been ebooks mostly.

Snoop around anywhere that Indie Authors prop the virtual bar, and you’ll hear the name Aaron Polson lying around. There’s a reason for this, and it’s because his books are bloody good. He reads easily, almost too easily, and you’ll find yourself a hundred pages into one of this books and wondering where the time has gone, why the children are crying with hunger, and the living room looks like Tutankhamun’s tomb. It’s because you’re reading a Polson!

I’ve read three of his now. Two novels (We are the Monsters, Loathsome, Dark and Deep) and a short story collection (The Bottom Feeders and other stories). In the novels, Polson manages to convey what I can only describe as good old American Horror. In Loathsome, flawed characters and a sense of physical and emotional isolation lead to some brilliantly dark moments. We are the Monsters is a little more easy to personally relate to, which is disturbing in an entirely other way. The short stories in the Bottom Feeders range from creepy to those with a slight 50s B-movie sensibility. And that’s a compliment. As some of you may know, I love B-movies.
In short, I can’t plug these books enough. Simply, I’ve enjoyed them, and I hope you will too.

And another thing…his covers are cool. ‘Nuff said.

Who else has been on the reading list? Another name you should have heard of (and if you haven’t, pretend you have then hurry out to buy one of her books before They find out) is Cate Gardner. Her short story collection, Strange men in Pinstripe Suits is the most off-the-wall collection of wierdness I’ve read in a lonog long time. And it’s brilliant. You wont find a single cliche, a single ending you can guess, or a single night’s sleep until you’ve finished it. Not so much scary, as a truly abstract vision of someone’s subconscious. You’re about to fall down a proverbial rabbit hole so you might as well dress in gingham (yes, even you fellas).

The third installment is another short story collection (can you see what my weakness is?) by ‘Akasha Savage’. Calling 666 is a lovely little collection of horror stories that wont have you choking on details or character flaws. It’s just easy to read, home-grown horror that makes it easy to whittle away an afternoon. My only problem with this collection is that it isn’t long enough. It’s so easy to read that I whipped through it pretty quickly. I wanted more! Here’s looking forward to the next installment!

And last but not least, is These Strange Worlds by Daniel Powell. Now, I’ve enjoyed reading all of the above books, but something about Powell’s just really worked for me. It’s the most diverse collection of stories I’ve read in ages. It ranges fro, horror to sci-fi and I hada  few chuckles throughout too. There’s wierdness and more conventional material in the mix. The style of each story is shaped by the content so each one stands entirely on its own. In fourteen stories, I think there were fourteen pieces of Spec-fic gold. This book deserves to do really well, and for $2.99, you can’t go wrong!

So, my friends, that’s what I’ve been up to this week. Reading my little butt off and procrastinating about the final uni assignment. Guess there’s no excuse now though…

Thanks for reading! (And thanks to these guys and gals for writing!)


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