>NBB Update

>Oh yes, it’s another of those update posts!

Not Before Bed is now available from Amazon after some reformatting. It was surprisingly easy and better than waiting for Smashwords to get sorted out. My only bugbear is that whatever price you put on, Amazon increase it. I wanted to release it for the lowest price possible at £1.99, but they’ve released it for £2.10. So, I apologise for this extra 11p but apparently it’s out of my control. The same applies to the $, but I understand that even less :oD.

I’d like to say a big hello and thank you to the new followers attached to Pseudo-writer. Hello! Thank you! There we go. If any of you are planning on reading Not Before Bed, please let me know what you think. Goodreads is one of the best places to review it if you’re that way inclined.

In other news…

Michele Richard, author of Mocked by Destiny is having a virtual book tour on numerous blogs on the interweb. One of those will be our own humble Pseudo-writer. An interview with Michele and some other linkage will be posted on July 2nd so drop by if you’re free.

That’s it for this “exciting” installment.

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “>NBB Update

  1. >I never could take myself too seriously hahahaI'd love to hear what you think about Not Before Bed. I've only had one review so far and, although good, I'm always eager to find out more!

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