>More NBB news!

>Hi everyone,

Just found a review for Not Before Bed on Goodreads that has given me a smile for the day. Thanks to Daniel Powel, author of the These Strange Worlds collection, for the plug. It gives me a warm feeling inside. Or maybe that’s the mutant embryo I’ve been harbouring in my interstitial spaces. Ah well, it isn’t moving yet so I have time to finish the post…

Meanwhile, in the land of Movie Reviews…

Morpheus Tales have graciously accepted some more reviews for their supplement. It’s quarterly so they wont be out yet, but the old ones are available from the link over yonder —->

Hope all’s well with everyone. By the end of the day, I hope to be reporting some more words down on Alan Shaw. And I have a few recent reads to review for you all too but that might have to come later.

Thanks for reading!


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