What have I been reading? Part Deux

Hi everyone,

As much as I’ve been striving for words on the page, lately, I’ve been reading as much new material as I can. I love the self-pub arena. There’s so much good stuff out there that just wouldn’t get a look in with formal publishers but truly deserves to. So here’s a run down of a couple of things I’ve read recently, some are actually published and by more ‘famous’ authors, others you might not have ehard of, but really should!

Bianca the Silver Age by Jeff Pierce
I read this on a whim after reading Jeff’s blurb on Goodreads. I’ll give you one of my own by way of a review. Bianca is a woman with skills, special abilities, and very few memories of her past. Being a succubus, she needs sex to maintain a delicate equilibrium between her own personality and those of previous lovers who’s essence she has absorbed. So as not to spoil the plot, Bianca becomes embroiled in a fight against an enemy whos diabolical plans which will have both global and personal impact.
Joined by other fellow ‘Palladins’, people with incredibles abilities of their own, Bianca wages war on a global conglomerate with the fate of the world in the balance.
Sounds good? That’s because it is. The best way to describe Bianca would be: sexy, superhero sci-fi. It’s like Justice League but darker…with alchemy. It’s so easy to read, and so fast paced that you’re not going to get bored. Bianca is a great heroine and the other characters are varied and interesting. It certainly has me waiting for the sequel, let’s put it that way.

Horror Stories by Jack Kilborn
What a great collection! I’ve been spending most of my time reading these short story collections of late. Maybe it’s to compare them to my own and make myself better or worse depending on the outcome. This was one of those collections that made me feel worse. It’s excellent. There’s a perfect mix of humour and horror with the latter ranging from spooky to genuine discomfort. Kilborn has an excellent grasp of what’ll make you squrim. And it’s not very often that a book will make me actually chuckle out loud, but the dark humour in the collection balances the horrific brilliantly. In hind sight, it might even have been a nervous chuckle of relief. I can’t suggest this to you enough.

Space Captian Isambard Smith by Toby Frost
You all know by now that I have a Steampunk shaped-hole in my heart. I love it and I won’t apologise! It’s that love of all things Steampunky that drew me to Isambard Smith. It’s a great, ramshackle sci-fi adventure. It has spaceships that fall apart mid-flight, a captain with a hostile alien as his best friend, space hippies and an android pilot. Frost infuses the story with a wry brit-style wit that is unresistable to read. If I have to liken Frost to anyone, it’ll be one of my favourite writers, Terry Pratchett. And that is the highest compliment I can bestow. If you’re looking for an easy read that’s light and entertaining, you can’t miss it. Now I’m off to download the sequels. All of them!

Thanks for reading!


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