>Mocked by Destiny – Author Interview

>Welcome, faithful believers, to a Pseudowriter first!

Either from personal experience or from reading my own moans, you know how hard it is for a writer to gain recognition. E-publishing is fine and all, but what some of us still hope for is that fateful acceptance letter. Someone, somewhere, has read what you’ve created and wants to print it. But people tell you that it hardly ever happens, that it’s luck, or that the publishing world is stacked against their ‘creative style’. Well, today, my friends, I want to bring you the other kind of story. Theone where someone works hard, writes well, and gets what they deserve. The story of Michele Richard.

I have the esteemed pleasure to bring to you an interview from the writer if the new novel, Mocked By Destiny. A story of teenage pregnancy set against a Virginia Beach backdrop that won’t have you reaching for the puke bucket. It’s honest, real and has an actual message rather than sloppy Hollywood morals. You won’t find Jeremy Kyle here, dear reader.

Here’s my interview with Michele:

Me – You tackle the subject of teen pregnancy in Mocked By Destiny. How would you say you handled it differently to similar material that might have come before?
Michelle – Well,  for one thing, I showed both sides of the material. No one ever thinks about how it affects the young man’s family. It’s always about the girl‘s. In this story it’s not.
Secondly, I refused to soften the pregnancy. I wanted teens to read it and say, “I don’t want that to happen to me.” Too many kids are having kids. I wrote this with the hopes of teaching kids it’s not all eating Bon Bons and watching Glee.
Schools are just starting to teach kids about the truths behind having sex, but still you hear “I only did it once,” or “I was a virgin,” and so many other falsehoods that ends up with them growing up before their time. Having a child changes everything and it can happen to anyone.
Me – So, Michele, you’ve managed to beat the system regarding publication, receiving major interest in your novel very quickly. Many aspiring writers wish they could say the same. What would you say were the prime points that made you and your work stand out?
Michele – That is a tough question. I guess the unique story and background to how it was written. The fact that it was hand written on the beach at base in Virginia Beach, with the Navy Seals training in the background made it a very realistic story.
I wrote it from the heart. I laughed and cried with my characters. I think that’s one of the draws to it, within its pages you can see a part of yourself, or a family member or friend. So many people have said to me that they saw themselves in my novel.
I’d love to say I always knew it would happen, but I’d be lying. Honestly, when I submitted it to The Writer’s Coffee Shop Publishing House, I just hoped a teen would read it and not fall into the statistics.
One profound point was in the long run luck played a huge part. I was lucky enough to have a story that was of interest at the right time, in the right place. Luck again played a factor in the sudden interest by the media, thanks to a press release and a book signing at my local library.
Me – Your next two books are already in the works. Mocked by Fate and Mocked by Faith show similar love-through-adversity themes. Would you say you’ve aimed to cover these topics in a purposeful trilogy?
Michele – Yes, this whole series is about learning different messages. I covered teen pregnancy in Mocked by Destiny. In Mocked by Faith I use it to teach not to read a book by its cover. Many people are looked at differently because they live different from the majority. From the way we practice religion to the way we choose our friends, even the way we look for a spouse is up for negative reflections by those who don’t understand. In Mocked by Fate I tackle the taboo’d bullying. I want the bullies to see what it feels like on the other side of the fence. I also want those who are bullied to know they are not alone and can find help, but it also serves to show the anyone can stand up to protect a friend.
Me – Having done so much in so little time, you’re obviously a prolific writer. Do you have any secrets to share with other aspiring authors?
Michele -WRITE! A lot. Seriously, the more you write the better your writing will become. Reading is a big part of writing so pick up a good book and start reading. As for the writing itself, learn to avoid the clutch words. Over using words like “was” “as” “and” “had” “has” have become common place. Another thing to avoid, and yes, publishers will be looking for this, is too many people rely heavily on words that end with -ly. Many people don’t know that there is an actual ratio for the use of those words. 1:300 though my editor prefers 1:600 words.
Be bold! If you have a book released share it. I recently took my two daughters to a Twilight convention for my oldest‘s birthday, Yes like all preteens, they love the saga, I decided to be bold and share my novel with the characters that attended. Peter Facinelli (Carlisle Cullen), Bronson Pelletier (Jared), and Boo Boo Stewart (Seth)  were all given a copy of Mocked by Destiny by me. Yes, it took a lot of guts to do it, but my baby Mocked by Destiny is worth it. So swallow your fear and put yourself out there!
One more thing, be proud of your writings. Give your novel wings and if it flies enjoy the ride. But, don’t stop trying. Just because a book wasn’t wanted five years ago doesn’t mean it’s not wanted now. No one knows what the next trend in books will be. Ten years ago it was all about the walking dead, then wizards, now vampires are all the rage, next year? Who knows! 
Me – Three books in the proverbial bag, your career is blossoming. So, what’s next?

Michele – A new supernatural romance series, Parasouls. I am almost done with book one, and having a great time with it. There are two more books planned for that series, but could possibly be more depending on how much I have to say. This series has me really excited by it’s possibilities. 

Sounds promising! With the paranormal romance genre going bananas at the minute, I’m sure it’ll be a hit.

Well folks, if it sounds like Mocked By Destiny might be up your alley, rattling your cage and floating your boat, then you should take a look at Michele’s webpage. Thanks to Michele for gracing this fair page with her wordage. We hope she does extremely well and remembers us when the movie rights are sold ;oD 

It’ll be back to business as usual next time, with me complaining about how Michele Richard is a fluke because she’s made it and I’m useless, oh, and my lack of word count. I know, I can barely wait myself.

As always, thanks for reading!


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