>A week away

>Hi everyone.

I’ve been distanced from my computer for the last week, holidaying in Bonny Scotland. Went back to re-visit Edinburgh which has always been the primary inspiration for the architecture and general gothic feel of Greaveburn. If I squinted and imagined some of the more fantastical buildings of my own design, it was like being inside my head. Never a very safe place so be so we only stayed for the day :oD

Since I’ve been away, we’ve had the Michele Richard blog-tour. Thanks to everyone who attended, there was a defiite spike in my blog’s traffic that day. I wish Michele all the best with plugging her book elsewhere, too.

I’ve finally cracked the 10,000 word mark on Emi this morning. Woohoo! My poor zombie characters have really come together and I’m very appreciative to them for playing along. Emi herself is turning out to be a very strange little dead girl, and poor Christopher is falling apart mentally by extension. Now being followed by the corpse-like floating priests, you just know something bad is going to come of it all.

The Twitter feed ahs hit over 100 followers. I’ve met soem really nice peple on there. Kindred spirits and the like. The same goes for the Goodreads folk. Hopefully there’ll be a few more reviews of Not Before Bed coming soon and  guest spot on the Indie Ebooks blog.

Remember kids, if you want to help a poor author who is starting to see his ribs from the forced starvation, you could always tell your friends about Not Before Bed and offer them the link over yonder —>
I’m not prideful. I’ll accept any help I can get. And, if I can make some money on it, I might even be able to afford my uni course in October. Who knows? You could help make me smarter! And that can only benefit mankind (can you see how I’m struggling to make my sales sound like world-altering events? :oD).

Anyway, thanks for reading guys. It’s much appreciated.


6 thoughts on “>A week away

  1. >Thanks, Lisa! I hope you find it interesting and/or amusing in some way. I've been flicking through yours already. I'm impressed by your progress! Keep it up!

  2. >…hopped over from Suzy's blog featuring your accomplishments. Congratulations on your success. Your cover design promotes intrigue, urges one to do the thing us writers yearn for…selecting the book off the shelf:)EL

  3. >Glad to hear it, Milo! I'm going for some really interesting character designs in this one. Completely out there. I hope it lives up to the images in my head. If not, I might have to realease the ebook with some doodle pages too 🙂

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