Walking in my head

On a recent trip to Edinburgh, I was reminded of the architecture and imagery that first inspired the feel of my (hopefully) debut novel, Greaveburn. The buildings, cramped streets and cobbled roads made such an impression that I couldn’t resist using that gothic feel in my book.
Now, after the book is finished and winging its way to pester literary agents all over the UK, revisiting Edinburg was like walking round a little part of Greaveburn in my head. Here are some of the most striking Edingburgh images I could find that might give you some idea of what I’m bashing on about. Hover over the pics to see what these real buildings would be in Greaveburn!

Of course, other architectural anomalies only exist in my head. The twin domes of St Agatha’s Cathedral, the Acropolis, the Pinnacle and its arching sky bridge; and of course, the crumbling Belfry, a colossal sight in the Greaveburn skyline.

I guess for now, those images will have to stay in my head. Maybe, one day, you’ll see them too.

Thanks for reading.


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