A good week!

Well, it started off with the suspension dropping off my car, tearing a brake hose when all I wanted was an MOT. That cost £300 of my New York fund (have to stop typing so the tears won’t short my keyboard…)

*sniff* That’s better.

But, this week has also been kind. Thanks to a rather enthusiastic reader of Not Before Bed, I have a new review on Smashwords and Goodreads. Here it is:

“I absolutely love this book. Craig has a unique way of telling stories that leaves the reader hooked from the beginning. I haven’t read that much of spec fiction, but enjoyed immensely every tale that was included in this collection.

Some of the stories don’t have dialogue, but in all honesty, they don’t really need it. He’s able to weave a tale in such a way that you find yourself so immersed, so focused that you lose track of what you’re doing. At least, I did. I found myself imagining every scene of each story as I read it and in some cases, wanted to read more of these short stories.

This book is a definite must-read. Truly recommend it.”

by Lisette Manning

Bloody hell! What a great review! And the 5 stars she awarded is making  my average look fantastic. Also, I’ve also been inititated into Goodreads’ Best Indie Books/Authors list. Ok, I’m placing 105th, but it’s a great start!

And now, off to work on Emi.


Thanks for reading.


3 thoughts on “A good week!

  1. Welcome. It was a pleasure. Loved the book very much and can’t wait to read more of what you write in the future. I am thankful to have had come across you on Twitter. You’re a very good writer.

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