Something wicked…

Just a quick one this time. Simply to inform you that I’ve added a little something extra to the archives. Over on Blogger (sign yourself against the evil eye and spit on the ground) I had two blogs. One was Pseudowriter, which has become what you’re reading right now, the other was Alternative Voice:

Like my doodles?

It was basically a blog for my movie reviews which have been a fairly regular fixture in Morpheus Tale’s review supplement, over the last year (reviews of Sucker Punch and Scream 4 will be appearing there soon). Now, I’m getting lazy in my old age, and so I’ve decided not to run two blogs over on WordPress. So, my old reviews have been amalgamated into this blog and future ones will come here direct from the oozing pit that is my hard drive! This is a bit of a risk, however. There might also be the odd swear word in there, so you HAVE BEEN WARNED! But I’d love it if you’d read them as they pop up and feel free to open some debate.

Thanks for reading!


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