So close!

I recently sent out another pile of Greaveburn submission packages to the poor, unsupecting Literary Agents of England. That was Monday, last week. And already I’ve had a reply. The nice folk over at Artellus Ltd have returned my package super-fast. Of course, that usually means a rejection slip, and this is no exception. However, there’s something unusual about this rejection that fills me will faith for the human race as a whole: Artellus seem to have actually read the pack! God bless ’em. Instead of a prewritten slip saying ‘not for us, please stop camping outside our house’, there’s actual human handwriting on the letter! Not only that, but they’ve made some genuinely useful comments. I’ll just type it out for you below:

“This is intelligent. It’s too cartoony for me [and something I can’t quite read here]. However, try Osprey (Angry Robot) directly. Good luck! Yours, Artellus.”

How nice is that? Apart from the little bit I can’t read but it’s only a few words. Ok, Greaveburn is a bit cartoony, but that’s not a terrible comment by anyone’s standards. And so the book has been passed to poor Angry Robot, who will be the next to suffer Greaveburn‘s opening chapters.

So it was kind of close, but not really, depending on your perspective. Still, it’s nice to know that there are people on the other end of these submissions actually reading what we send them.

Thank you Artellus Ltd!

And thank you for reading.


2 thoughts on “So close!

  1. nothing wrong with “too cartoony”
    actually its great that they can recognize that your style isn’t for their market! I wouldn’t read that as a rejection at all but just not a good match. See, rejections can be fun 🙂

    1. Cheers! Its hard to see the positives. Always nice to have another person’s perspective. I’ve been informed that I have an envelope waiting for me when I get home. That’ll be another rejection then! Hahaha I’m actually getting pretty good at taking the hits. Water off a duck’s back! 🙂

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