As you already know, Angry Robot asked for a one-page synopsis of Greaveburn. I boiled the novel down to a single page with great difficulty, but I think that’s the point of such a small space. If you can say it in many, you should be able to say it in a few. Otherwise, how will you ever market the novel? When people ask what it’s about you can’t just hand them the novel and tell them to read it. It has to be blurbable (I’m copywriting that word) and synopsisizable (another good one). Anyhoo, I managed it, even though I had to leave out all of the secondary characters. I sent it to Angry Robot who, most graciously, read it.

Now for the good news. They’ve asked for the first 5 chapters! That’s what I call progress. Apparently I’ve piqued some interest. Now let’s hope that the chapters themselves can maintain that. So, the waiting begins. I feel like this is the closest I’ve ever been. Even if the chapters don’t cut the proverbial mustard and Angry Robot aren’t interested, I’ll have still been pretty damned close. I’ll take that as encouragement.

In other news, I’ve had another preliminary review for Not Before Bed. The lovely Michelle Green posted this on Twitter:

Part way through reading ‘Not Before Bed’ – I read the opening segment IN BED! Thanks for that sleepless night! 😀

Talk about compliment! Although, apparently Michelle’s partner was inadvertently damaged when he touched her shoulder while she was reading and she accosted him. Poor guy. Fear does funny things to people. I’m relatively sure it didnt end in a trip to A+E so all’s well. What’s better? Michelle is a local lass! She’s from Yorkshire, which adds to the awesomeness. You can find her on Twitter here: @MichelleGreen32.


Since going free, Not Before Bed downloads have boosted. That can only be a good thing. And the plans for my writing group’s collaborative collection are moving quite well, so here’s hoping that’ll be in the works very soon. In the meantime, I’m a little blocked on Emi and am taking a rest from it. Other stories can have the limelight for a while.

Thanks for reading!


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