An apology…and a competition?

My friends, I must apologise. I have neglected you. This week’s night shifts have slain me and there’s simply been no will left in my flaccid corpse to blog. But here I am! Someone has muttered an incantation, sprinkled Hoodoo Powder on my bones and ressurected me. Then they realised I wasn’t the person they were after. BUT IT WAS TOO LATE! Mwahahaha

Anyway, after plucking the maggot from my ear and the weevil from my back tooth, I’m back to blogging even if I’m a little jerky (no pun intended).

To apologise fully, I was intending to shower you with drawings from my oddments portfolio. It seemed to go down well like last time. Unfirtunately, I have tech issues and the bloody scanner won’t work. So no Rock Chick, no Cthulhu-esque Tentacle Beast, and no Tank Driving English Teacher for your viewing pleasure. Maybe next time, eh?

Actually, I’m trying to get back into the old scribbling. As some may know I’m due to help out with a children’s competition, redrawing the winner’s own superhero. And basically, I’m out of practice. Rusty. Hell, I’m seazed up and ready to snap. So let’s play a game. I’m going to let one of you loverly readers pick what I draw next, something to test my mettle.

Drop me a comment and in a week or so (if anyone answers at all) I’ll pick one to doodle. The winner might even get the original artwork in their letterbox…if you’re real nice.

How’s that  for an impromptu decision that I’ll regret later? Kerpow!


Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “An apology…and a competition?

  1. Sigh. Very well. We forgive you. (That’s the Royal we, btw.)

    How ’bout drawing my 900 year old immortal Templar Knight who looks like Gerard Butler and is being attached by a Mongolian Death Worm? 😉

    1. No more ideas necessary! Hahaha I’d struggle with the gerard butler though. I’d certainly enjoy the death worm though. Lets hope we have some other suggestions so we dont have a landslide win hahaha

    1. I like your thought process, Aggy. Now we have a contender, it might have to be a hat-pull decision. I’ll leave it up til sunday for more suggestions then pick one. Feel free to spread the word!

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