I know, I know, I’ve only just posted about the Doodle Comp (which I’m already deciding to maybe re-run in a couple of months). But I have good news.

The eminent Pill Hill Press have accepted my short story to their Big Book of New Horror. The Fly Man is a tale of a man with Locked-in Syndrome, a horrible affliction where the mental faculties are in tact but the body is unresponsive. Having nursed people with the condition in the past, it scared me enough to write about it. Of course, the condition isn’t all there is. There’s soemthing spooky going on in the hospital too, and only the M/C can see it. If only he could talk. Let’s hope the Fly Man doesn’t get him first.

I dont have any more details yet, but I’ll post as I know more. However, my Duotrope’s Digest Acceptance Percentage has gone up to 20% for this year. That’s nothing to be sniffed at. I blame it on you readers, though. I swear your collective will power is what gets me published rather than writing skill. There’s a definite correlation, anyway, so thank you.

Now I’m off to draw for a while. I have punters waiting for their doodles 🙂



4 thoughts on “ACCEPTANCE ALERT!

    1. Thanks, Shea. I’m pretty excited about this one and the Misanthrope Press one too. Hitting that U.S. market hard this year! Hahaha Looks great on my C.V. too. Lets just hope the novel has the same breakthrough soon…

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