What do I do when I’m NOT writing?

The answer, dear friends, is very simple. Not much at all. But that wouldn’t make for a very long blog post, would it? And so, in an effort to look like I have a life away from the Cursor’s ominous blink, here’s a week in the life of me…

This is a good time to write this post since I’ve been on holiday from work recently and so have had time to pack lots of other things in. Apart from editing (again) my novel, Greaveburn, hopefully for agent consupmtion very soon, I’ve been taking a little hiatus from writing anything proper and so had to find something else for my itchy hands to do. The first thing which I dont get to do as often as I’d like, is cook. I actually enjoy cooking, even if I always deviate from the recipe at some point. However, whether fortunately or unfortunately, my ‘better half’ Laura also ikes to cook and so I rarely get allowed in the kitchen. Except, strangley enough, when her parents are coming over and I undoubtedly end up preparing the meal. I think she just likes to put me under pressure. Anyways, as proof that I can cook here’s a picture of my latest endeavour, a chicken and leek pie:

Om Nom Nom indeed!

Yes, that’s my own pastry. No pre-bought rubbish in MY kitchen! Looks pretty damn tasty if I do say so myself. Thankfully no humans were harmed in the consumption of the aforementioned pie.

Other than that, I’ve been hanging out! Regulars will know how much of a movie fanatic I am and how I love bitching about the crap ones. Well, other than Laura, I have a regular movie-going companion in the form of Mr. James Pearson Esq. He works with Laura in a secret goverment bunker underground Doncaster (kind of…not really) and is one of those people that likes David Lynch movies. But don’t hold that against him 😉 Here he is, chilling in his garden with a pint of the good stuff:

Despite common belief, the sun does occasionally shine in England

Congratulations to James and his newly fiance’d partner, Lindsey. He proposed on top of a bloody mountain! Beat that! I know I certainly can’t. If you want to wish them congratulations, he’s on Twitter at @JRMPearson. I’m sure he’ll be super-amused that strangers are contacting him. It’s better then the sweaty-faced man from Thailand who’s been following him since he sarted the account hahaha

I have a confession to make…I’m wierder than any of you ever suspected. But I’m at home with my ailment. I have an urge sometimes. An urge that can only be fed in a very particular way. An urge that leads to things like this:

This is an Art Attack!

That’s right, I’m a closet crafter. I love making things. The wierder and more impromptu the better. This tv-head was a box left in the office at work, some industrious cutting and a red marker pen. It took about ten minutes to make but ages for me to get bored of pretending to let people tune me in to random stations. It then lived in my dining room for about a month before I really had to throw it away. But it was a good month…

And last but not least, I like camping! Some who read my recent post on Inspiration might already have caught on to that little fact. But anyways, on a trip to Aysgarth in the Yokshire Dales last week with Laura, her brother and his girlfriend we found the best damned festival in England. Forget Glastonbury or Leeds-Fest. No thank you, ‘T in the Park’. Something far better than all of them combined was the Kettlewell Scarecrow Festival. Yes, we drove for 40 minutes through rugged terrain to get there, yes there were sheep in the road who had little regard for Natalie’s right-of-way, but it was worth it to see a Dalek scarecrow in someone’s back yard:


This seriously cracked me up. Any Dr Who fans will appreciate it too, I’m sure. There weren’t just Daleks. In fact, i could post so man pictures of scarecrows that your head would spin and then you’d be calling the authorities to have me ‘sectioned’. There were a whole host of contemporary, literary and musical characters made into straw-people, some fantastic and some utterly creepy. You can find a few more pics HERE if you’re interested. Basically, it was one of those afternoons of good, clean fun that you just dont get anymore. We certainly had a laugh spotting them all. Laura and Nat got a little TOO into it though:

Honorary scarecrows need only a hat and a lack of pride...

And so that’s what I’ve been up to, and why there is no more Hallam-based fiction lying around the internet of late. I’ve got plenty of inspiration from our camping trip is particular, though. Lots of scarecrow, tent and rain oriented ideas. Now I’m back at work, I’m sure the seriousness will leak back in again. But I sure hope not.

Thanks for Reading!


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