Author Interview: Lizzette E. Manning

I’d like everyone to give a huge Pseudowriter welcome to Lizzette E. Manning, author of short stories. She’s here to talk to us about her latest endeavour, Stuck, a post-apocalyptic story about risk and loss. Here’s a little more about her:

Bio: My real name is Nancy Medina and I write under the penname of Lissette E. Manning. I live in Waterbury, CT and have a long-haired domestic cat named Mikey who likes to bite people’s ankles whenever he has the chance to. I also enjoy reading a lot, listening to music, and playing video games whenever I have the time to.




Blurb for Stuck

A world too different from what we once knew . . . all we hold onto now is survival.

Memories of the dead remind Annie Page of the world she’d once known. Renegade forces are closing in, seeking to command the little that remains. Yet she refuses to stand by and watch the world crumble.

Her children’s love the driving force behind the choices that she’s made, she’s determined to make their world a better place. Yet their survival comes with a price — one that she never meant to pay.



1: Hi Lissette, nice to have you here. So your new story, Stuck, is now on general release. Why don’t you tell us a bit about it?

Hi Craig. Thanks for having me here. It’s quite a pleasure.

I’ve been working on this story for quite some time. As you know, it’s gone through quite a few edits and revisions, but I must say that I’m pleased with the final version.

The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic world that centers around Annie Page as she sets out to provide for her family. The setting isn’t pretty, in all honesty, as I did my best to describe a world in ruin and full of obstacles. While these obstacles impeded Annie from reaching her goal, it also gives the reader a glimpse into what life would be like if the world were to
‘end’. I think that all those that read my story can relate to what Annie is going through as she does her best to help her family survive.

2: Now, I’ve read the story already and it’s a pretty bleak vision of our near-future. This material is far removed from your previous story, Closure. What made you take the plunge into Speculative Fiction for this one?

I started working on this short story during a writing course that I was taking online taught by
Jeremy C. Shipp. I’d been having a bit of a writer’s block with one of my assignments and had been watching a movie while doing so. I’m not exactly sure what it was, but it cut to some commercials and I saw something with a broken road and some fire on the screen. My muse ‘woke up’ at that moment, and next thing you know, ideas started brewing and this story started taking shape.

3. For the budding-authors out there who are debating between traditional and e-publishing, how did you make the decision? And do you have any tips for them?

My journey into e-publishing started off as an experiment. I’d seen quite a few of my friends having success with it, so I decided to take a chance and start getting my work out there. Mind you, I’d still like to be traditionally published (And no, I’m not selling out). I think we all aspire to be, at some point.

For aspiring authors, keep trying. If someone tells you that it’s not worth it to keep writing and make something of yourself, don’t let it dishearten you. Instead, show them that anything is possible. And as someone once told me, write what you know. 😉

4. And you’re writing under a pseudonym, too. Many authors, both e-published and traditional, have chosen to do the same. How did you come up with your name, and what made you decide not to use your own name?

I confess that as a kid, I never liked my name. Literally, I hated it. My younger self always wished that my Mom would have given me a much fancier name – something snazzy and with spunk. But alas, she named me after my older sister on my Father’s side.

I’ve been using a pseudonym ever since high school. I came up with it one day while sitting in the library with my best friend, Amy Morrill. We both decided that instead of using our own names, we’d use a penname that we thought would compliment our writing.

I’ve always loved the name Lissette so I chose that as a my penname’s first name. I chose Elizabeth as a middle name to honor my favorite author, Elizabeth Haydon. My penname’s last name, Manning, came from one of the character’s in Days Of Our Lives named Dr. Carly Manning.

With all of these things in place, it was then that my penname of Lissette Elizabeth Manning was born. It’s what I’ve used for my writing ever since.

5. So what/who would you say your influences are?

Hmmm, my influence for writing Science-Fiction/Fantasy, I have to say comes from reading Elizabeth Haydon’s books. Her Rhapsody series is amazing. Music-wise, I’ve an eclectic music style, so it’s hard to say who really influences me via that medium, but my favorite music genre is Freestyle and also Pop.

Thanks Lizzie, it’s been great talking to you as always. I’m looking forward to reading your next story!


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