Warning: New Page!

Yes indeedy, as if the Steampunk make-over wasn’t enough, I’ve gone and given you a new page, too. Take a look at the top of the page and you’ll see an excitiable little critter shouting “Readers Gallery”. Go on, give him a tickle.

What you’ll find is my own meagre way of saying thank you to all of you who have provided support for me over the years. Readers, reviewers, people who’ve kept me (relatively) sane. The plan is simple: Have readers submit photos of themselves reading Not Before Bed ALL OVER THE WORLD! I already have a few exciteable shutterbugs winging their offerings to me as we speak, and so there’ll be a gallery very soon.

But for now, I have the interactive map up and running. Compiled from reviews, ratings, comments and emails received from you lovely people all across the globe, you can now see how wide the Craig Hallam readership has reached. When I started out, I thought it’d be done in finve minutes flat. As it turns out, there are so many of you lovely lot, that it took HOURS! And I enjoyed every single second.

Here’s a hint on how it works: Click on the blug pegs for more info on people who reviewed. Yellow pegs for raters and other important folk. And there’s one other colour…see if you can find it 😉

I hope you enjoy the new page, and keep coming back for the updated gallery. I’ve told people to be as wierd and wonderful as they like in their photos, and these people are the kind to enjoy Not Before Bed, so who knows what they’ll get up to!?

Thanks for reading!


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