New stuff!

This is more of an update post, really. Just to let you know about the fun stuff that’s going on around here and elsewhere.

Let’s start with the blog.

Well, as you can see at the top of the screen, there’s a new page called DOWNLOADS. In there you’ll find a few nifty pictures if you’ve read Not Before Bed or any of my other stuff  (and an mp3 of my radio interview very soon). If you’ve read the book on Kindle or online and want to join the Reader’s Gallery, for instance, you can download any of Not Before Bed’s covers for use in your photo. Or, if you just like the spooky forest image I used for the cover (my own photography so don’t worry about using it) then right-click save to your little heart’s content!

Over on the right side of the screen, you’ll see a new widget, too. That’s just to show whos blogs I read the most and who’s I think you should take a look at. Nothing wrong with a bit of friendly mutual promotion, eh?

On there you’ll find two fellow writers who you might have seen me mention in previous posts; Pete Denton and Christie Adams. They’re part of the writing group that I’m honoured to be involved with, Steel City Writers (take note, you’ll be hearing much more about that very soon). Another blog on the list is someone who I met on Twitter and who has consistently impressed me with her work, the Poet known as “Eve Redwater”. You really should check out her stuff, and she’s also a local lass so that’s an extra bonus. And, last but no least, there’s the “From the Rooftops” blog which covers everything culturally relevant to anything you can think of. From the Rooftop’s writer, James, may only just be starting out in the world of blogging, but I give you my personal guarantee that this will be a must-read on your blog list from now on.

So, the blog keeps getting niftier and niftier. A-woohoo! Who knows what will happen next!

Thanks for reading


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