Not just a Cardboard Cut-out Writer

It seems to me that with the internet being the beast that it is, it’s very easy for people to only show the parts of them that they want to. People I’ve met on Twitter give their 140 character bio, and that’s all you see. People on Facebook only post photos of themselves having a massively good time, drinking and holidaying, so that we think they’re fun people to be around. But are we giving the internet community a true vision of ourselves? Is that even important? Well, to me it is, yes. I think that I want people to get a real feel for who I am, rather than just a Cardboard Cut-out Writer who hits all the artistic marks but has no real depth.

This post started off with me trying to think of something interesting and non-writing related to post so that my regulars (you know who you are! Thanks Guys and Gals!) don;t get bored of listening to me bash on about Greaveburn or the next writing project. And so I thought, “what else can I do?”. That led me in a round about way to the philosophical debate you see above. Let me know what you all think about internet personas and how realistic they are/need to be.

But anyway, in order to show you that I DO HAVE another facet to my personality (or what there is of it :D), let’s talk music.

Recently, I was bought a new guitar by my lovely girlfriend (Yes, geeks and Fuglies do get them sometimes, you know) and I have to say that it’s been hard to put down since. Now let’s not give any false illusions here, I’m no fantastic guitar player. Eric Clapton doesn’t come round my house asking for tips on how to play, neither does Joe Satriani ask me to get him out of a sticky situation with any of his compositions. I can’t read music, and I definitely can’t sing. What I do is find a song I like the sound of and then simplify it to the point that I can play along and it still sounds vaguelly recognisable. See? Honesty on the internet! It can happen! 🙂

Ain't she purdy?

But what kind of things do I like to play? Well, I’m a serious rock music fan. I don’t mean scream-at-your-mic-with-unintelligable-syllables rock. I mean rock that makes you tap your feet, sing along and play air giutar like  a mental.

Foo Fighters are my epitome of awesome. Dave Grohl and the boys have managed to win God-like Genius Award, 5 grammys and the Brit Award’s Best International Band in the last year. Say no more. But I love the old-style rock, too. Give me some Boston (see the vid above), Styx, KISS, Kansas, Whitesnake….dear lord, I could go on forever…and I’d be forever happy. Let’s have another vid to emphasise the point:


So, you see, I don’t just write. I Rock, too 😉

Thanks for reading.


6 thoughts on “Not just a Cardboard Cut-out Writer

  1. Thought I’d drop in to see what you’re about & must say “pretty awesome!” And it never hurts to be a Foo Fighters fan 🙂 Lovely guitar! I look forward to tweeting you! Oh, and I dropped in because I had seen a tweet of yours mentioning anime. I am an anime fan myself, so there you are. I look forward to reading “Greaveburn” so do let us know when it is published. See you around!

    1. Thanks for dropping in, Isobel! Look forward to tweeting you 🙂 Dont worry, you’ll be sick of hearing about Greaveburn by the time it comes out hahaha Hope you get chance to read it, or Not Before Bed. I love getting feedback from new folks 🙂

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