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As the Indie Publishing Steamroller really gathers speed, we’ve started to see developments in the way books are advertsied. If they’re ever going to compete with movies or tv, for example, they’re going to need proper adverts that move and not just static images in a newspaper or on a website. And that’s where book trailers come in.

This phenomenon is turning into a real franchise with plenty of companies springing up in people’s garages who are willing to produce one for you. Let’s look at a few good ones while we’re here, eh?

Here’s one for LEVIATHAN by Scott Westerfield which uses the illustrations in his book for an epic effect:


Or what about this one for Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters,which still gets me howling with laughter:

These two were the exception to the rule with an excellent budget and proper backing, however, for the rest of us, there are some that are simple but effective:

And so the question is, do these things really work? Well, based purely on the amount of hits on Youtube, I’d say yes. We have to bear in mind that the forst two trailers were exceptional and/or very funny which increases the hit-rate. But if you can make yours intriguing enough, or funny or scary or anything else that people want to see (smexy?) then yes, the trailers work.

Now, as I’ve said for those of us with no budget at all such as myself, there’s ALWAYS  a cheap option, and it’s very easy to make your own trailer. This is where I go all Blue Peter on you and tell you to go scrounge some empty toilet rolls, sticky backed plastic, ols washing-up liquid bottles and PVA glue…so go ahead, I’ll wait…

…got it? Good, now throw it away, what do you think this is, the 80’s?

Most of you out there with your brainstem jacked directly into the internet will have free software on your computer such as Windows Movie Maker which will allow you to make your own trailer. Most of you will have a mobile phone which can take video or photographs. And most of you have fingers with which to operate the aforementioned gadgets. Do I have to spell it out for you? Get out there and start taking some pics/videos/voice recordings. Get them on your computer and have a play around. It can take days, hours or minutes, as much or as little as you like, to create your own book trailer. And, just to prove it, I’ve made one of my own to show exactly how terrible the results can be.

I’ve cheated a bit here. I googled a lot of images to make sure they were appropriately creepy. I also downloaded the free sound file for the backing track. The movie maker “skills” are my own, of course. But I think you’ll get the idea of what I’m going for. And so, in celebration of me moving on from my old project, and with my next novel in sight, I’ve created a commemorative trailer for Not Before Bed before I finally stop bashing on about it. Here it is. Don’t have nightmares (yeah, right).

Due to technical issues, I’m afraid you’ll have to watch it here.

…Ok, don’t judge me.

Thanks for reading.


11 thoughts on “Book Trailers

  1. Thank you for posting this. I am going to give making my own trialer a try. You make it sound very simple to do. I am a complete blockhead when it comes to this computer so we shall see. Step by step instructions would be nice 🙂

    1. Your phone/digital camera should connect to your computer relatively easily. Or, if you have a smartphone, you could always email the photos/videos to yourself and dowmload them onto your computer afterward.

      As for Movie Maker, it’s a very simple drag and drop interface. Just pop the files in the order you want by dragging them with your mouse.

      You’ll do great. Let me know how it goes! 🙂

  2. You know, at first I was extremely skeptical about the whole concept of a book trailer. But it is quickly growing on me. I loved the Leviathan one 😛 and yours too – creepy. I’m a big scaredy cat so it definitely freaked me out Lol. Great post. Thansk for sharing.

    1. Thanks for dropping in, Connie! I was a bit skeptical myself. I think the line between good books and good movies should be firmly drawn. But yeah, they’ve really grown on me. As you can see from mine. If you’re easily scared, you should read Not Before Bed. You might be the only person actually scared by it hahaha

      1. I’m about a third of the way through my first novel. I have plenty of time to make my own. Say, one of us should make a page highlighting those. For people that could use an audience…

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