My Writing Timeline

Hi everyone,

With things really starting to spark off with Greaveburn and my next novel underway, I’ve been thinking about how long it’s taken to get here. It’s been a long process with lots of hard work and plenty of setbacks. There’ve been things to jump over, scuttle underneath and generally steamroll through at times, but in the end, I think it’s turned out pretty well. Some of the scars are even starting to heal. But my nostalgia took me back to a simpler time when I first put pen to paper with a vivid image in my head and a character with a story to tell; way back when I was still in school with a haircut like a pineappale and NHS glasses (I’ll show you a photo one day if you’re good). And, since I was bored, I broke out my Photoshop (you know how much I love it), and thought I’d share with you the result. And so here it is, a history of Me, a timeline of how I went from that spotty little toerag to a larger Pseudo-writer toerag you now know:

A real tear-jerker, eh? I’ve decided that Alan Rickman will play me in the movie. He looks nothing like me, but he has such awesome sarcastic delivery. I hope you’ve enjoyed this little forray into my seedy past. There’s a lot left out of this little infographic for the sake of your sanities, but I hope it’s been at least mildly amusing. See you next time!

Thanks for reading.


11 thoughts on “My Writing Timeline

  1. That is some quality photo-shopping. Good to see the practice novels had a purpose. I think back to how old I was in 1997 and wonder where the last 15 years has gone!

  2. Alan Rickman? Can he stretch to play you at age 14 I wonder? Hmm. Either way, I’m an actress so can I have a part in the film too please? I don’t really mind what role as long as it’s comedic and glamorous. And pays well. Cheers 😉

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