That’s right, kids, I don’t just write short stories. And, to be honest, I avoid poetry like the plague. But Haiku are nice little snippets that I can get really engrossed in. Sorting them into syllables is like a little creative writing brain-teaser. A  crossword for authors, if you like. And so I can’t get enough of them! Now, I know that traditionally, haiku are supposed to reference a season at some point, and theyre supposed to follow the 5/7/5 syllable rule, but some of these don’t. What can I say, I’m a callous, literary rebel. But anyway, have a look. I hope you enjoy them.

Meteor Shower 
Sparks shed a trail.
Atmospheric Grinder.
Wormwood coming home.
The Beautician
Above a crest of
plastic breasts and Matalan tan,
not much goes on.
Poor dusty Fender,
Missing a string, out of tune.
I’ll pick you up soon.
Made-up words
If there is one thing
I absitivley hate,
it’s comboined words.
Woman on the train
New haircut, old face.
New bagm new shoes, new coat.
Same old face.
View from a frosted window
Trees expose themselves,
despite Winter’s bitter bite.
Rough, naked skins.

That’s enough for now, I reckon. Hope you enjoyed them.

Thanks for reading.

7 thoughts on “Haiku

  1. I stick to stories but I don’t pay enough attention to haiku poems, clearly. I like how much you’ve said in so few words. Would actually improve my rambling in my manuscript if I worked on haikus. Maybe.

  2. hah! 😀
    Nice work. I’ve always been fascinated by haiku’s as a concept but never really tried my hand at them – like you I’ve always avoided poetry even though most of my fellow ‘literary folks’ around here (and in most places I think) tend to think of one as a philistine for such a choice.

    1. I’ve had a similar experience. “Oh you dont read poetry? But only a REAL human being reads poetry!”

      Yeah yeah, whatever, Give me back my comic books 🙂

      Haiku are more like a little mini-description than anything else. They can really help out when you want your prose to be punchy but evocative (ooooh that sounded more impressive than it should have done hahaha)

      1. Exactly! (amuses me now to see reactions from folks when I tell them I write comics and run/editor a site about them! :D)
        I love literature and read more than most, often the same folks who claim to be so well read and quote obscure poetry to look clever – but I do it cos I love it, not to show it off.
        And I disrespect no written medium if its well done and carries something worthwhile, be it poem, haiku, novel or comic – I just don’t get poetry all that much (joy-wise that is..)
        might do to try my hand at haiku one of these days but for the moment I’m just working on writing some more short stories and polishing that novel thats been lying finished for 2 years! XD

      2. Man, I can relate. Took me ages to get my novel edited within an inch of its life and submitted. It’s a tough old road. Keep at it! I’d love to see some of your comics! It’s always been something I want to try my hand at. I’ll keep an eye ot on your blog 🙂

      3. If only my stuff was available outside India I’d let you know immediately.
        As of now though, I’m talking with the guys at MegaCity in Camden who I met when I was there 6 months ago to carry some of it since they take independent press books.
        Will be posting some short fiction for sure though in the coming weeks so do let me know what you think, nice to have opinions and feedback when you can get constructive ones.

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