Budapest: Visit Greaveburn

My trip to Budapest, although only a few days, was the most surreal experience of my life. As some of you may know from my going-away post, I did absolutely no research about the city before going there. It was a literal out-of-the-hat type holiday. I didn’t know what places of interest to visit, what historical sites were there or any of the history of the country. I especially didn’t know the language. But when I got there, I realised that I DID know the city. In fact, for the last three years, I’ve been visiting Budapest in my head without even knowing it. Because, as I walked the streets, I realised that parts of Budapest were exactly how Greaveburn to look! I don’t just mean in a similar-kind-of-way. I mean in a This-is-what-was-in-my-head kind of way.

Here’s a gallery to show you what I mean, the captions, of course, are which Greaveburn buildings I relate to the real ones:

The Academe, where Greaveburn's scientific elite gather.
The Palace where Archduke Choler rules, and prison to Abrasia.
The exterior of Lord Happenstance's townhouse.
The Temple, once the centre of Greaveburn's philosophical endeavours.



That’s only four pics, but I’m afraid they’re quite high res and I can’t fit any more on. Maybe I’ll do another gallery on a separate page later on.

Anyway, you get the idea. And with the edits for Greaveburn coming back from Inspired Quill for the second time, everything’s starting to feel just a little too real. We’re getting closer and closer, folks. The time will soon be upon us. I may sound calm right now, but expect some serious panic-posts very very soon 🙂

Anyway, now that I feel I’ve visited some of the places in my head, and that I may well be living in the Matrix, I’d like to suggest Budapest for your next trip. If you like to relax, but in a city environment, I can’t think of anywhere else I could suggest. It’s peaceful, despite being a big city. No one rushes around. The food is great. The exchange rate right now is pretty damn good. Just avoid the Austrian beer. NOT good. The local brew, Dreher, however, is great.

While we were there, we poked around just about anywhere we could. Especially in search of a good bar. But our strangest discovery was a little place called Verne’s, named after the incredible Jules Verne. And outside Verne’s, I found something that made me feel completely at home; a piece of Steampunk awesomeness:

A little piece of Steampunk in Budapest.

Great isn’t it? I dropped a Greaveburn business card into it for some unsuspecting Hungarian to find. Who knows? I might get a following over there! (I’m not holding my breath hahaha).

As always, I’d like to apologise for how long it’s been since I’ve posted. I know I’ve been slacking off. But, as you will soon see, it’s all for a good reason. The next time I post, I hope, it’ll be to show you my Steampunk costume for the upcoming Weekend at the Asylum Steampunk convention. I intend to look utterly ridiculous, and I can’t wait! Keep your eyes on this spot!

Thanks for reading.


3 thoughts on “Budapest: Visit Greaveburn

  1. Nice!
    As I mentioned before, always wanted to do Budapest and your recommendation just cements that desire even more – hopefully not too far in the future.

    Interesting that it reminds you of Greaveburn, the world is a strange place and I’m sure that was a creative mind-boggler.
    (though you did type “parts of Budapest were exactly how Greaveburn to look!” which seems wrong, sorry, the editor in me can’t shut up!)
    And the fact that they have a Jules Verne bar is… I think you just blew my mind a little! 😀

    Look forward to the steampunk costume!

    1. Ah, edit well spotted, sir. I’ll not go back and change it, though. I like the way it humanizes the page hahaha

      The costume is hotting up nicely. Just a few little details and it’ll be great, For a man such as myself who can NOT wear hats, my new Bowler looks pretty damned dashing, I’ll tell you 🙂

      1. Indeed it does, sometimes there is room for a little human error! 😀

        I’ve always liked the idea of hats and keep trying to get a decent one but no haberdashers in town! 😦

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