Steampunk Movies!

Yes, I’m one of those people that just randomly types things like “Steampunk Movies” into Google and hopes to find something genius to watch. Of course, you end up with the usual list of top ten lists that you’ve seen before and nothing new. Well, my friends, this time I have gone deeper into the Matrix to bring you a juicy eye-feast. Youtube be praised!

As I have discussed in a previous post I’m always as looking for more examples of the incredible creativeness that Steampunk encourages. And here are some visual treats for you:

One of my personal favourites are the very kitch and toungue-in-cheek adventures of the League of Steam. They’re a team who battle paranormal beings. It’s great. Here’s an episode to watch, but there are loads more on their website.


4 thoughts on “Steampunk Movies!

    1. Hahaha I know, we’re an evolutionary cul-de-sac. Get your friend to get in touch if he/she needs any advice or help. I might be no use whatsoever, but you never know!

      And there’s another Steampunk short film coming next week, too. I’ll be focussing on the UK scene specifically.

  1. Excellent find!
    Thanks much for sharing and I’ve actually been meaning to watch more of the League Of Steam – really should one of these days!

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