My study with the Open University

Well, once more we have come to that time of the year when my modules have finished. My Creative Writing courses last year were invaluable, and this year my forrays into Art and Literature have been just as interesting (if not exponentially harder). But the final assignments are in, the wxam (3 bloody hours!) is done and my brain has stopped making that worrying sound of ungreased gears. And, now that the work (and thus the stress) is over, I can sit back and look at what I’ve learnt.

The agents of brain-torture.

Wuthering Heights was an unexpected favourite. I admit that I skipped the Yorkshire dialogue which might as well have been Hebrew for all I could undestand it. And yes, I’m aware of the irony of this since I’m Yorkshire born and bred. Victorian Poetry was another surprise favourite. P.B. Shelly, Wordsworth and their buddies were great to study. The Twentieth Century literature was probably my favourite, though. The New York Poetry, in particular.

With some Shakespeare thrown in and The Dutchess of Malfi making me plug up my ears in case my brain dribbled out, it wasn’t all plain sailing. But, like the pain of a stubbed toe, I think the effects will wear off in time.

Now I have a summer off! My next course doesn’t start until October and I have all this extra time to myself…

…apart from Greaveburn being released, the signings, the interviews, the conventions and the aneurysm this lot will no-doubt cause.

Yeah, apart from that, I have the summer off :/ Bring the beer, I’ll need it!


Thanks for reading.


One thought on “My study with the Open University

  1. Well done for completing another year. I can’t believe another year on from finishing Advanced Creative Writing. Wow, time really does fly.

    Enjoy your quiet summer break 😉

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