After the tone…

Hi, I’m sorry but I’m not here right now. What you’re now reading is the blog equivalent of an answering machine message. As you read this, me and the Inspired Quill team are at the Weekend at the Asylum convention in the fair city of Lincoln. Not only is it going to be my first book signing, but my first convention, and my first Steampunk event. I feel all raw and fragile. Be gentle. Depending on when you read this, I could be signing copies of Greaveburn, participating in any number of tea-based activities, or crying in a corner because everyone’s costumes are waaaay better than my own meagre efforts.

What ever the activity, I’m afraid it has taken me away from your loving embrace for the moment. But fear not, for I shall return with stories and pictures and all kinds of fun stuff to bore interest you with next week (or maybe sooner :D).

If you can’t wait until then, please leave a message after the beep…







4 thoughts on “After the tone…

  1. What fun! And I’ve just remembered I haven’t entered your competition yet. I’m thinking of enlarging an image of the book onto a large banner and then streaking across a football match with the banner. If I pick a big game, then it will be televised and I can take a still from the TV pictures to send to you as my entry. Yep, still need to work out the details, but I think it has mileage…

    1. Pete – Thanks for that image, mate. Nommed by a pack of ravenous Steampunks *shudder*

      Illeandra – Thanks! Fingers crossed!

      Vanessa – Bwahaha I’m going out on a limb here…but that’d be an instant win! Get going!

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