Competition winner!

Hi everyone.

Well, you’ve got sick of hearing me bash on about the competition entries for long enough, now. The moment has arrived for me to reveal the winner. But first, I’ll make you wait a little longer…mwahahaha

Good news on the signing front! I’ve been contacted by the lovely Amy at Doncaster’s branch of Waterstones, and they’ve offered me a spot on the 2nd November to turn up and hawk my wares. So, if you’re that way out on the 2nd, and in the mood for a chat, drop by and see me. I’m expecting to be very lonely for the day 😀 Keep your eyes peeled on the Tour Deets page for further updates.

Also, I forgot to mention it the other week, but I’ve been in the papers! Ok, it was a local newspaper, not exaclt front page or anything, but hey, I’ll take anything I can get! I only dropped a book off for them to take a look at and ended up with an interview which took about 45 minutes…and was then condensed down into this…

That was an excruciating photo seesion, I’ll tell you. As some of you may know, me and cameras just don’t mix. Speaking of which, I don;t know if you’ve noticed, but I have a new profile pic. The old one had been used for a small age and was a bit tired, so there’s the new one with me going for my “authorial” look (what a goit, eh?), taken in my study with my book wall behind me. This was after a previous post when both Pete Denton and Vanessa Chapman said I should get a new one. Who am I to argue?

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for (at least so I’ll shut up about it) *drum roll*

The winner of the Greaveburn Competition…

Chosen for the sheer balls it must have taken to take this photo. Also because, since entering, I know that some of the entrants have got impatient and bought a copy already (most of them signed by me already as well) and so have been removed from the running. Adding some much-needed smexy to the blog. Young children, avert your eyes. The winner of the Greaveburn Competition.

Vanessa Chapman!

Balls of iron…which you can almost see :/

Sporting the latest in Greaveburn-related evening wear, Vanessa manages to exude the class and style I’d expect from my readers. Congrats, Vanessa, Greaveburn is on its way to you as we speak! Uber gutsy.

Other entries have been funny, inventive and utterly wierd. Kate’s puffer fish had me chuckling in particular. Natalie’s version of the “Keep Calm” meme is going on a T-shirt very soon, I think.  Thank you to everyone who entered, though. And remember, folks, just because the comp it over doesn’t mean you can’t still be in the Reader’s Gallery!


Thanks for reading, folks. I hope you have a great weekend.


3 thoughts on “Competition winner!

    1. No problem! It took some serious guts to enter that pic. I definitely couldn’t have done it…dear Lord, the insanity and vomiting THAT could cause :/
      The book’s winging its way to you as we speak!

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