Greaveburn Signing Aftermath

Well, as you may know from my over-enthusiastic last post, my first big signing in a proper bookshop was on Friday. Waterstones in Doncaster was a great place to be. They popped me in a little corner upstairs and left me to my own devices. Thankfully, just about everyone who said they’d come, did. So it was a great turn out. Some people brought their own copies to be signed, but most bought one while they were there. I practiced my signature a few times before hand, but it still ended up being inconsistent for each individual person. Ah well. I’m a beginner, after all.

My set-up for the signing. A nice little corner to snooze in, I thought…then people just kept coming!

Anyways, what’s really important is that I had a great time and was only really on my own for a few minutes at a time. People were chatty, friendly, and eager to talk about both my new projects and their own. I also got to talk to Jill Brooksbank who is organising Doncaster’s Literary Festival next year and has asked if I’d be free to attend and do a talk or two. Not sure why people would want to listen to little-old-me, but of course I agreed. Sounds great!

In other news…

“The Adventures of Alan Shaw” is going well edits-wise. I’ve had a major epiphany and completely re-written the third story which really pulls together the through-line and subplots. Pretty chuffed with it, so far. Now for the next story to get a taste of the same treatment…

(From left to right) Jack, Pumpkin Joe, and Eddie

Also, had a fantastic Halloween. Ended up going to watch The Shining at the cinema, complete with an extra twenty minutes of terror. I forgot how good that film is. We carved pumpkins (my first time), baked buns (not my first time), and watched Bubba Ho-Tep for my annual Bruce Campbell fix. Legend. Also, watched Trick ‘r Treat, starring Anna Paquin. A little-known gem, this deserves some cult status at the very least. Four horror stories all interwoven expertly. I would strongly recommend for horror fans.

Just before I go…I’ve been playing around with my Youtube channel. I’ve basically compiled some of my favourite music into a list so yo can all get a little look inside my head. This is far from a comprehensive list, but it includes a lot of sings that I;ve used to get me in the mood for writing in the past. Turn up your laptop and let it run, anyway. Tell me if you’re not in a very particular frame of mind when it’s done ;D

And that’s all for this week, folks. See you next time!

Thanks for reading.


7 thoughts on “Greaveburn Signing Aftermath

  1. Craig, it was great seeing you at Waterstone’s, and watching as people came up to have your books signed! Have posted two photos so far on the ‘Book It! facebook page; will email the rest later today. Good luck with future signings and events!

      1. It was good fun. It wasn’t til later though that I realised that your signing was in the same place where I originally met you: the 1st floor of Doncaster Waterstone’s, at Richard Pierce’s book signing. Same section of the shop, too. Full circle, or what?

    1. Sheila – I know. How weird is that? And it seems like ages ago, although it was only earlier this year.

      Laura – I admire your thinking outside the box! 😀 And you’ve inspired me to try my carving on something other than pumpkins, too.

  2. I’m sorry I missed it. Looking forward to the book signing in Sheffield in 2019 😉

    Excellent carving. I’ve never hacked at anything like that really. Maybe I should. It might help bring out my creative side.

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