Keeping up with the Jones’

Right now, I’m having trouble keeping up with myself, never mind those infamous Jones’. Life’s just got a little more busy folks, so I’m sorry I haven’t been around for a few weeks. Hopefully the guest posts and blog hops have been keeping you going. What have I been up to? Lots…

My university course is full-on kicking my butt this year. With one thing and another, I’m actually running quite behind and each assignment gets handed in within minutes of the deadline. At least I haven’t needed an extension…yet. And it’s paying off. Both of my last two assignments came back with 86 marks, which is pretty damned good for a doofus like me. I’m still yet to breach that elusive 90 marks, but we have all year…and I’m nothing if not patient…

They found Craig’s final manuscript…by the smell.

In other news, I have finished the first draft of The Adventures of Alan Shaw! That’s right, folks, my next novel is effectively in the bag. Now, I just have to do another draft, tighten it up, add some stuff in (which I always end up doing), and then it’s ready for its first proof read. Laura normally ends up doing this for me (bless her), not only because she has an eagle eye when it comes to grammar and the like, but because she’s utterly ruthless in supporting my writing dreams. And that means she’s not shy about telling me when something’s utter tosh. Thank God. If it weren’t for her, Greaveburn wouldn’t have been what it became, I can tell you. But, as I was saying, it’s done, and now comes my favourite part…the tinkering…

Meanwhile…in a cave outside Gotham…

I’m looking for a writing job. Nursing has served me well, and I’ve served it right back, so I figure we’re even. I’m sure I’ll always nurse in some shape or form, but I’m ready to move on now, and try my hand at this writing lark for real. That means applying for everything I can. Copy writer, columnist, reviewer, everything. And I’ve realised that, quite simply, no one wants to pay you for your time. Oh, they’d love to have your reviews on their site, but they’re a tad shy when it comes to even a token payment. Unfortunately, as with most of us, I have bills to pay and a pesky stomach that demands to be fed, so the full-time writing will have to wait. However, I’ve got in touch with a very nice website which is in its building stage (and is based in York, not too far from where I live) and who shares my love of all things horror. They’ve been nice enough to post a couple of my short stories and just about every horror movie review I’ve ever done, so that’s good! I’ll be a regular submitter there for a while, I think. If you want to give them some traffic, it’s Awesome name. And bear in mind that they’re still under construction at the minute, but the site works. Anyways, that’ll look good on the old writing CV, right? And if any of you hear of places taking pity on poor, starving authors, give me a shout!

In a slightly different note, the Reader’s Gallery is growing! Two new entries this week are making the place look a lot more cosy. We even have our first canine reader! Who knew my demographic was so wide? Go take a look, anyway. Daisy is pretty damn cute, I have to admit.

And now, I promise never to leave you alone again…until next time.

Thanks for reading.


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