Annual Blog Awards!

With the new year slowly creeping up on us, it’s always a time for reflection on what we’ve done with ourselves over the last twelve calendar months. For me, it’s been a belter. My debut novel was released, it’s had some awesome and very honest reviews. Lord knows how many copies have been read, but that’s hardly important. I’ve done two signings, both went extrememly well. Met some great people. And blogged a whole lotso that you folks could be bored to tears by it all. WOOHOO! 😀

But the end of the year is also about saying thank you to the people who helped you through. And with that in mind, I give you the first Annual Blog Awards!

The Award for Most Consistent Blog Commenter goes to:


Vanessa Chapman!
Vanessa Chapman!


Award for Most Supportive Person I Actually Know goes to:

Pete Denton!
Pete Denton!


Most Supportive International Person goes to:

Pete Ford of Colorado, USA gets his copy of Greaveburn, and becomes the first G-burn Reader's Gallery entry!
Pete Ford of Colorado, USA (and his wife, Kate, who’s CRAZAY! ;D)


Award for Cutest Reader’s Gallery Entry goes to (of course):

Daisy couldn't wait to get her paws on a copy, and now she won't let go!
Daisy the Dog!


Fellow Author I Most Admire (and by admire, I mean am deeply jealous of):

Richard Pierce-Saunderson, for his excellent work on Dead Men

Fellow Author Most Likely To Knock Your Socks Off in 2013:

Rachael Rogers (@Rachael2283)
Rachael Rogers (@Rachael2283)

Fellow Steampunk Who Makes Me Laugh The Most (Twitter):

Rosie! (@tophatrosie)
Rosie! (@tophatrosie)


Twitter Personality That Gives Best Advice (and doesn’t mind when I do the stupid thing anyway):

Fellow Author - Mark Cantrell (@Man0Words)
Fellow Author – Mark Cantrell (@Man0Words)


And there are so many honourable mentions that I can’t possibly fit you all in. I’d only forget someone. So, to everyone who tweets, comments, Likes, chats and reads, a huge thank you and I hope you all have a fantastic new year!


Thanks for reading in 2012!


4 thoughts on “Annual Blog Awards!

  1. Oh, well as recipient of the Most Consistent Commenter prize, I’d better comment now! Thank you for the award 🙂

    By the way, I’m really sorry I haven’t read Graeveburn yet, I seem to have had no time for reading lately (must be all the blog commenting I’m doing!). But I definitely will read it very soon and give you my feedback, I’m genuinely looking forward to reading it, I keep seeing it on my shelf!

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