Doncaster Steampunk

Steampunks, Sky Captains, Automatons, lend me your ears!

As if all my fervent dreaming has come to a visceral reality, my local town, will be hosting a Steampunk Doncaster event. On Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th of June this year, Donny will be going anachronistic.

The face of Steampunk Donny!
The face of Steampunk Donny!

Now, the organisation is still underway, but so far we have reports of a market/trading centre in Doncaster’s gothic Minster and a whole host of doodads and thingumies will be going on in the Art building just next door. Here’s a short list of what’s going on so far:

  • Steam Punk Arts and Craft Fair and Graphics Novels – Comic Fair
  • Steam Punk Games Workshops (Demo Games)
  • Steam Punk Fashion Parade and Photo Shoot (Open to all)
  • Heath Robinson Mad steam punk inventions competition (open to all)
  • Mad Hatters Tea Party
  • Live Performances and Street Magic/Illusion show
  • Traction Engines displays
  • Live Music and Town Centre Entertainment

Based down by the side of Doncaster canal, this is a lovely area for a Steampunk takeover. I can’t wait to get there and look around. For more details, and to keep abridged of developments, you need two places, both run by the Steampunk Doncaster team:

Steampunk Doncaster Facebook Page

Steampunk Doncaster Web Page

And, as if all that isn’t enough for you, I’ll be there, too! I know, I know, your heart quivers with the anticipation (you sarcastic buggers, you ;D). But I’ll be there and Greaveburn will be with me. I’ll be mooching around the whole weekend, so feel free to come and share a steaming hot cup of British with me.

Expect copious amounts of updates as we go along, folks…

Thanks for reading.


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